Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hardwick Hall and white Christmas trees

 Hardwick Hall is another of the historic houses nearby and this morning was an opportunity to seize a brief respite of sun before the promised wintry showers set in.

The National Trust must obviously be experimenting with plant breeding to produce these startlingly white birch trees.
Alternatively, they simply chose white spray.
But they do look good.

December is certainly gloomy but in the shelter of the walled garden a few rudbeckia cling on.
Winter sun breeds sharp shadows.

The volunteers had decorated the great house with a seasonal display of flowers, presents and, internally, giant Christmas trees.

Dogwood and the seed heads from clematis tangutica make for a winter mix that works.

Before a marvellous lunch I snapped the decorated trees in the park, many decorated by schools and community organisations.

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