Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hodsock Priory Snowdrops February 1 2014

I know spring is here when Hodsock Prior opens up for February.
In my first post on the blog I featured daffodils flowering in October at Hodsock Priory. Well here is their February display.
This is a sunny bank and snowdrops and miniature narcissus are in perfect harmony.
We arrived very early, way before the crowds that throng the grounds as the day progresses. The beds were immaculately displayed and the plants noticeably advanced after an exceptionally mild winter.

Witch Hazel in full flower is a fantastic sight when all else is gloom.

They grow everywhere in my own garden and few plants make more of an impact than cyclamen coum.

Here is that proprietorial look that is entirely false but one you must grow accustomed to as the blog progresses.

A gorgeous lead container.

Somehow or other I admired the shrub and photographed only the label.

Away from the grounds is the woodland with a canopy of white.

Hodsock is justifiably a must for the dark days of winter - not that this was a dark day. Anything but. We were just very early.

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