Renishaw Hall bluebells and rhododendrons in May

The gardens at nearby Renishaw Hall with their predominantly Italian design provides a splendid destination at any time but especially for the bluebells and rhododendrons. We visited on 22 May 2012.
Rhododendron luteum looks wonderful and has a spicy fragrance that divides people into opposite camps. I am firmly in the camp that finds it delicious.
In the belief that a good backdrop can improve a photographic subject I stand before you, just to disprove another theory. The plants look good however.
Bluebells and myosotis make good companions, with the odd orange poppy standing out.

The bluebells carpet the light wooodland.

The house is owned by the Sitwell family with their strong literary heritage. I remember studying Edith Sitwell's poetry for my A Level English Literature examination, and I used extracts when I in turn taught A Level.

The house does not belong to me despite the proprietorial stance though the hat is all my own.

The herbaceous borders are sometimes inspirational, especially in high summer.

There is a variety of magnolias

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