The glory that is Keukenhof Gardens (Part 1)

Prepare for an explosion of colour. We timed our trip to Holland's Keukenhof Gardens to perfection, 14th April 2014. Late for snowdrops, all else was here.
The photographs are essentially in the order I took them. First we were confronted by a river of muscari.

Water is channeled in curved streams past closely planted borders. The reflection is all part of the design. The trace of green developing on the trees in the light woodland adds to the freshness, as seen to great advantage below..

The strength of colour here was exhilarating.

The gardens were first opened in 1949, intended as a vehicle for showing the already long established Dutch bulb industry off to best advantage. I think it has worked.

A particularly cool drift of bulbs: and the fragrance of the hyacinths was heady.

45 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam and here we are in paradise. The white combinations are enhanced by the ‘black’ Fritillaria persica.

7000000 flowers are reputed to be displayed here, with 800,000 visitors each year filling the hotels, shops and ordering bulbs for their own gardens. 

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