Monday, 5 January 2015

Our Front Garden 6th July 2003

Looking back at our front garden from twelve years ago I am struck by how much under control the front "rockery" is, although at the time I lamented the passing of my original alpines, replaced due to my busy work schedule at the time. Many of the plants are still there but much changed.
I had forgotten about the the lilies. Whatever became of them?
 Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket' can just be seen at the rear of the "rockery". It is much bigger now. Too big perhaps. Decisions will be made over its future shortly.
Winter is a time for planning and I have decided that some judicious pruning and cutting is required. The hebe at the front of the central bed is long gone, replaced by roses that give good colour but fight back. Trees have replaced the shrubs in places. The beech hedge is totally unchanged. 35 years of regular cutting has kept it in check. My brother-in-law would like to use the plants as bonsai, the trunks being so thick.

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