Friday, 2 January 2015

Snowdrop Week at Easton Walled Gardens, Lincolnshire - 20th February 2014

Abandoned in 1951, when Easton Hall was demolished, the overgrown gardens have been lovingly restored under the leadership of Lady Ursula Cholmeley, a member of a family that has lived in the house since 1592. A  decision to commence work on the 12 acre gardens was only taken in 1999. It has been a labour of love.
The river walk is particularly fine in snowdrop season. Hard to believe the garden was described as impenetrable as recently as 2001 when the earth moving plant first moved in.

The River Witham flows through the garden, the source being spring fed just a few miles away. Extensive work has taken place to unclog the river. Kingfishers fly over its pure water.

Snowdrop Week is 14th-22nd February. Galanthophile, Jackie Murray, gives free talks and I believe has many snowdrop varieties available for sale.

The bulbs have dramatically thickened out in recent times.

The busy A1 passes by the garden boundary. Drivers and passengers are oblivious of the beauty. 

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