Rare and Collectable Snowdrops - Galanthus "Green Bush" and Galanthus "Franz Josef"

This year I have greatly added to my snowdrop collection and will keep an eye on them as the season progresses, noting how they increase for next year, how they have developed this winter. Today I contrast the reasonably priced "Green Bush" with the extravagantly expensive "Franz Josef".
Purchased in December is the rapidly clumping up "Green Bush" making a statement on my display bench.
In close-up the plant repays the investment tenfold, especially when one considers the alternative ..

A genuinely rare specimen, "Franz Josef" is a beautiful double form from Germany. Though my specimen was from rather nearer home.
Acquired in January, Galanthus "Franz Josef", though admittedly at this early stage in its growth, is attractive enough though I could have purchased a whole tray of "Green Bush" for one of this German import at some nurseries I have visited. It is a double flowering variety and the photograph this afternoon does not do that justice unless I was in a reclining position.

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