Thursday, 24 September 2015

Clumber House, Nottinghamshire.

Clumber Park is featuring an outside exhibition of the old Clumber House, the home of the Dukes of Newcastle. It was demolished in 1938, an act of destruction repeated all over Britain at a time of high death duties and taxation. Sadly and perhaps overwhelmingly the owner had tired of the property and the expense of maintaining such a large household at a time of increased austerity. The first two photographs were taken from the display boards.

The house was sold for £70,000 and the contents raised £60,000. The substantial parkland was purchased by the National Trust in 1948.  

And should you be considering a visit, this is what it looked like on Wednesday, 23rd September 2015. Lovely stables, lovely church, lovely Virginia Creeper, no mansion. It is nevertheless a wonderful place for walks and cycling, maintained with love by the National Trust.

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