Sunday, 4 October 2015

Harlow Carr Alpine House, October 2nd 2015

I have featured alpines from the impossibly wondrous alpine house at the RHS's Harlow Carr before.  But first, an external view of the alpine house and pictorial meadow:

Here then are a few of the alpines and as the winter bites I'll add a few more. I think the names are correct. Colour, texture, setting ....

crocus banaticus
crocus kotschyanus
Gentiana 'White Sapphire
gentiana balmoral
ozothamnus coralloides
plantago major rubrifolia
plantago nivalis
Saxifraga marginata ssp. rocheliana
sempervivum ciliosum
 Outside the alpine house, the real world wasn't so bad either. A peach of a day, as autumn trees exuded colour.

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