Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rose of the Year 2015 - "For Your Eyes Only", 7th November 2015

I purchased 2015's Rose of Year at a local Waitrose and it hasn't disappointed for repeat flowers, indeed, "For Your Eyes Only" is seldom without flowers though the abundance of bloom of early summer has not truly been equalled. The colour varies as the bloom ages with shades of salmon, pink and apricot. They do not last long, easily forgiven as there is a constant stream of blooms. The floribunda's scent is faint or subtle if that sounds better, but not to be dismissed. Nor is the wild rose look of the foliage and golden stamens and, indeed, the breeding is a hybrid of rosa persica. I grow it in a container in a spot that has sun morning and afternoon. The rose looks very much like a 2010 introduction, "Alissar Princess of Phoenicia", replacing the exotic name with something Ian Fleming thought up. Despite the name, I'll let you look.

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