Sunday, 6 December 2015

Narcissus romieuxii, December 6th 2015

This post will be a point of reference for me in that I have planted a number of varieties of Narcissus romieuxii in a sheltered spot on our patio. Displayed on a table in small pots they have certainly excited some comment. Diminutive flowers, each the size of a £2 coin, they are a delight at this or any time of the year. Of course, these are planted outside in a very mild early winter so subsequent years may tell a different story.

The first to flower on the first day of December was "Atlas Gold" seen on the left beside "Joy Bishop" which came into full flower yesterday. The image above is for the purposes of colour comparison. In each pot so far only one bulb has flowered although other buds are beginning to open out. A more detailed image of "Joy Bishop" is below. She is certainly a more lemon shade than the deeper yellow of "Atlas Gold" shown at the bottom of the page. I obtained the bulbs from Anne Wright's Dryad Nursery.

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