Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter Solstice Narcissus "Hoops" - "Limey Lass", "Treble Chance", "Lemon Flare" & "Julia Jane": 21st December 2015

The 51% shareholder in the business has decreed that I cannot have an alpine house so I have to take my chances with the weather. This year Spring is busting out all over. Continuing to track some new dwarf narcissus, here are Narcissus "Limey Lass", "Treble Chance", "Lemon Flare", and "Julia Jane". There is little to differentiate them in colour save that, at its very earliest stage at least, "Lemon Flare" is a touch smaller and a deeper yellow, whereas "Julia Jane " has a slightly larger face. "Limey Lass" has flowered "together" whereas the others have, in their first year, tended to flower separately.

Would I purchase all the different varieties again? No. I would go for the cheapest. But then it is their first year and plants are notoriously difficult to assess first time round. And even as they burst individually into flower, missing out on the grand collective display, for a modest outlay and minimal effort, the combination of varieties do brighten up my winter table for the Winter solstice.

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