Galanthus "Little Ben" & "Big Boy"

Return of the "Might Atoms" today with "Little Ben", an easy member of the clan to grow and quite showy with the large petals splayed out on its short stem. I featured it in January here, revisiting it to reveal the developing flowers. The biggest flower in my collection so far may be "Big Boy", purchased from Matt Bishop in September at a good price, "Big Boy" has just opened out in the strong sun this afternoon to reveal a dark green inner colouring and large, shapely outer petals. There is the merest green tinge on the tips, a feature that develops as the bulb matures through the years. He is shown braving yesterday's rain then this afternoon having opened out nicely for the photographer. He was discovered by Alan Street at Frinton on Sea in 1994. Choosing a snowdrop is an individual matter but I recommend this boy.

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Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'