Friday, 5 February 2016

Galanthus "Trumps", 24th January

"Trumps" is a stunning early snowdrop. It was yet another discovery by Matt Bishop in the late 1990s, this time in John Morley's Suffolk garden at North Green. I believe few sights are more spectacular than a pot of the variety, the green splashes on the shapely petals seemingly hand painted to produce maximum effect. And a pot full is not too far from reality for "Trumps" bulks up well. My bulbs, with one exception below, are a little immature as yet but as ever I look forward to next year. Matt describes it as a "very decent snowdrop” and I say "stunning". As for Matt's choice of the name well, “I knew I’d come up trumps with that one!” By the way, John Morley produces the very best free online catalogue available. Download it in PDF form, look at the specials there, and drool.

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