Galanthus woronowii "Elizabeth Harrison" & Galanthus "Primrose Warburg"

Galanthus woronowii 'Elizabeth Harrison' gained some fame four years ago when it sold for very, very considerably more than I purchased it for though the seller was the same, the Scottish grower, Ian Christie. Ian was courtesy personified and the bulb a good one. The traditional thick, wide leaves of the Russian (or Georgian) snowdrop are much in evidence and the flower is a pretty thing. If it is as robust as the woronowii it will do well for I have had mixed fortunes with yellow snowdrops.

Another yellow snowdrop in flower at the moment is Galanthus "Primrose Warburg", named after the famous gardener at South Hayes. This variety has done splendidly in the garden, establishing a small clump and displaying a welcome splash of yellow amidst the white "normal" snowdrops. Neither of the images here have been embellished to emphasise the yellow. I shall have to wait a year or so to decide whether or not the former is worth considerably more than the latter for, as the images show, they are very much alike in flower certainly. As for habit, well, time will tell.

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