Monday, 1 February 2016

Wentworth Garden Centre, Historic Garden

This is a tale of garden renovation that requires wider publicity, so I will spread the word to my reader. A full history may be found here, but briefly the gardens at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham, were commenced in the mid 18th century, once occupied up to 36 gardeners, were more or less abandoned after the Second World War and their decline mirrors the decline in the fortunes of the house dealt with in tomorrow's post. Actually the gardens were in a far worse state than the house. Thirty years ago, with the success of the Garden Centre from its opening in 1976, there has been an on-going project to restore the gardens on which the centre stands, from total dereliction to the haven we visited yesterday. Each year sees more work, whether it be on the fantastic maze or, as with our visit, the woodland trail through the terraced sunken garden brim full of stonework, water features and topiary. Thousands of snowdrops and other bulbs have been planted in the last few years and they were well displayed for the last day of January. For 2016 the garden has become part of the RHS Partner Garden Scheme. A labour of love. Do visit.

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