Doddington Hall Cherry Blossom Festival, Prunus x yedoensis

We visited Doddington Hall this weekend to see their newly inaugurated Cherry Blossom Festival. The oldest cherry, Prunus x yedoensis  (the Yoshino Cherry) dated back to 1946, a tree commonly planted elsewhere but wonderful here. It had survived the snow the day before. The blossom on the tree trunk was jaw dropping.

There is a "Cherry Blossom Walk" but the snow had done for that, holding back the smaller, younger trees.

We were shown around the garden by Head Gardener, David Logan. He knows his plants!

This gives me a chance to upload a photograph I took at Hodsock in February. The shiny bark shows it is some sort of Prunus. Mind you, what I know about cherry trees can be written in thick crayon.

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