Galanthus plicatus 'Golden Fleece' - an eBay record?

I'll put my neck on the line and predict a record price in the current eBay auction for an astonishing snowdrop described thus: "The first fully pterugiform yellow snowdrop which took Joe Sharman 10 years to create." It is just over £100 as I type but there's room to go and sadly the bulb will not be in my garden for quite some time. We can all dream and Joe is a fantastic gardener. I've bought bulbs from him many times in the past. Not this one however. I'll just admire the images from the auction.

Addendum: 6.00pm Thursday (UK time) the price has risen to over £200. I have just discovered the bulb went for £1390 in February 2015 so I guess that record is not on. Still, the price will be high.

And Stop Press: £442. I wonder if the bulb's fate is to be sliced into bits in May and dunked in vermiculite?


  1. I love following these eBay adventures... from a distance of course, never in the fray ;)
    Although I don't see a purchase in my future I would, if pressured, volunteer to test this bulb on my side of the Atlantic. I'd be more than happy to report back on my success if allowed to keep the bulb.

    1. £300 and still 36 hours to go. I'm sure we could work out some suitable Transatlantic arrangement whereby different climates are tested out. We could both keep the world informed of progress.


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