Thursday, 9 February 2017

Narcissus romieuxii "Atlas Gold": first hoop-petticoat narcissus in flower!

Last year our first hoop-petticoat narcissus were in flower for early December. A milder winter and newly acquired bulbs were reasons for the early blooms. This year perhaps we are back to normal so it is only now that signs of yellow are appearing in the alpine pots. And again the first to flower is the lemon-yellow Narcissus romieuxii "Atlas Gold" from Anne Wright.  The flower heads appear from grass-like shoots seemingly too tender for winter. But here they are, hardy enough to push through grass in their normal habitat though they thrive best when that grass is not too lush. They are a welcome sight in the sleet and gloom, with several varieties just primed to flower in the next week. "Atlas Gold" was first, however.


  1. They are actually, Amy. Especially when they flower together in small pots.

  2. And it appears there are a lot of Narcissi I've never seen before either!

  3. I have another gem out at the moment, Kris, to be blogged about shortly because it has the most ridiculous name. And I have more to write about than there is time. They are sensational at times.


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