Friday, 31 March 2017

My Local Garden Centre: Walkers Nurseries

All gardeners need a good garden centre and my local one is more than good. Walkers has grown in scale in the years since we first arrived in Doncaster but it has always remained a family concern. Today we visited for the cafe and to purchase a house plant as a gift. However on a deliciously sunny morning we took the opportunity to tour the free-to-enter gardens that are such a feature of the place. The photographs were taken with my tiny Nikon compact.


  1. It does look like a wonderful place to spend a morning or an afternoon! I have been lucky enough to live near a very inspiring nursery at one time; sadly, not here, where the two I visit are each about 40 minutes away - in different directions!
    Those camellias look fabulous...

    1. You have benefits, Amy. I have seen your plants! And I will be somewhere hot myself from today. Keep blogging.


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