Friday, 10 March 2017

Reflexed Narcissus

Cyclamineus daffodils with reflexed petals are very attractive and I have gathered a number of varieies over the years, accelerating the pace of acquisitions in the autumn. Here are a few of the varieties in flower today. Some of them are only available from specialists. I like a variety. My Instagram pages are available via this link. Do visit and comment.


"Swift Arrow"


"Peeping Tom"



  1. My absolute favorite class of narcissus! Beautiful photos and they make me wonder why I still don't grow Elka.

  2. As I type I can see "Elka" out of the Morning Room window. My wife's favourite. It has a natural quality. I posted a wider image of it on Instagram a moment ago.


And remembering .....

Sicily's Mimosa Trees, 31st March 2016