Friday, 28 April 2017

Belton House, Lincolnshire, wild flowers, boathouse and sculptures

Belton House has some of the best naturalized displays of bluebells, of all colours, and after the daffodils have largely gone over they greatly extend the spring season. However, the old boathouse in the morning sun caught my attention, together with the orangery and sculptures in the church and grounds.


  1. Beautiful photography!
    I've never before given much thought to the fact that some estates manage very nicely having both gardens and deer... ;-) (Said with some feeling as my first garden was next door to a large nature preserve - lots of wildlife to enjoy, but...!)

  2. The deer were in one area of the park, the more planted areas surrounded by high fences. However my daughter lived for some time in Princeton and deer were a menace for gardeners. We have more deer now in the UK than ever due to reduced hunting. They murder young trees in winter.

  3. Those meadows are fantastic!
    I wouldn't mind having a little boathouse as well, but to be honest I'd first need a few acres of lake as well.


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