Sunday, 5 November 2017

Our old pond and a graveyard for plants

Before the grandchildren came along I had inherited a fiberglass circular pond that I established some 25 years ago. This photograph dates back to something like 2000. The camellia suggests the time of year. I had a few fish in there but it was not deep enough for Koi. I had intended digging a much deeper pool though I never got round to doing it. I also had a few maples, a beautiful if fragile plant in my hands. With one exception they are gone now, as are the hostas, the spiraea, the dwarf conifers. Indeed even the camellia though I did see a shoot funnily enough when I was picking apples from the site last month. The golden Berberis is still there, the stones are under the new shed, the chairs are due, at last, to be recycled and I suspect many of the pots are in bits inside other pots. Sadly all the fish are dead after a drought whilst we were on holiday. And the pool went when Rose arrived on the scene and she is a teenager next month. Judging by today's post, my gardening has been an unmitigated disaster. It's disheartening to look back though the fountain is easier to maintain.


  1. I often look back at older photos and think the garden looked better in the before photos!
    If it's any consolation I also inherited a preformed pond and after two leaking incidents finally gave up. That was at least four years ago and the weedy, muddy hole still remains to taunt me.

  2. The muddy hole could become a lush bog garden. Just a thought. I placed a fountain in the space.

  3. We have a pond here. No fish as I would the frogs to find their way to us.

    1. We still get frogs years after the pond. Someone somewhere has a pond.