Monday, 22 January 2018

Earliest green tipped snowdrop: Galanthus nivalis ‘Llo‘n’ Green’

Flowering four days earlier this year, and therefore remarkably consistent, is the delicate nivalis ‘Llo‘n’ Green’, discovered in France at Mount Louis in 1999 by Joe Sharman and Dr Alan Leslie. I read there is some variation in green blotches but a comparison with last year reveals that same consistency.

They look pretty adjacent to my eyes. Identical. The same number of flowers too although there is certainly more leaf and therefore promise for next year. It's a lovely thing, remarked on this very afternoon by friends with a discerning eye. They'd read the post about giving away snowdrops as presents. Addendum: I gave them some 'S. Arnott'.

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  1. They're delicate, beautiful things - and unfortunately won't grow in my climate. However, I was impressed enough by the displays I've seen on blogs out of the UK to try what's marketed here as "giant snowdrops," Leucojum aestivum. Planted in early October, they've sadly yet to show any signs of life.


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