Saturday, 27 January 2018

Galanthus 'Galatea' & 'Glenchantress'

Galanthus 'Galatea' and 'Glenchantress' are in different price brackets. From one major supplier, the latter is eight times as expensive. 'Galatea' looks for all the world like 'Magnet', though there are differences too small to mention other than the honey scent of 'Magnet' that, as I have often remarked on, is not a reason to buy a snowdrop given opportunities to sniff the air are not so great in January particularly when, as in our case, the Daphne is streaming perfume from heaven. Still, 'Galatea' is a strong grower and a large flower that, were one to plant amongst "ordinary" snowdrops, would stand out from the crowd.

'Glenchantress' is a classy snowdrop with thick, glaucous leaves and a noticeable, if faint, green smudge to the outer leaves. It has good form and stands out well at eye level in a pot on our patio. Both snowdrops have arching pedicels and look good when the biting wind whips over our garden and I am enjoying a hot coffee lounging in my leather recliner in the lounge.

1 comment:

  1. They all do look nice. I'm fine with a coffee in the recliner as well on a day when the wind is howling... and in our case more snow is falling...