Thursday, 22 February 2018

Hoops and Hepaticas

Normally I have little problem deciding which plant to feature first: I normally go with the more spectacular. On a brilliantly sunny if chilly morning there was no problem. Returning home this afternoon, another plant took my eye. So in no particular order .... Hepatica japonica Haato no Kingu is spectacular with a cluster of showy flowers startling in that they brave the cold without the unaffordable alpine house. I give more attention to hepaticas than any other plant. This one is sited in the most sheltered and sunny part of the garden during the cold months and I give it shade in summer as it needs moisture. In nature it would sit under trees, only obtaining direct sunlight in early spring before the leaves unfurl. Narcissus 'Lemon Flare' was photographed first thing this morning, delectable despite a light frosting. From grass-like shoots, hoop petticoats emerge in profusion if well grown. In the last few years I have become a fan and even my family notice them, not necessarily the case with all our plants. 'Yes, Dad, did I tell you about the er yawn.' (Our grandson takes another approach: 'It was the ball's fault.')

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