Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Glorious displays of Galanthus in Alpine house at RHS Garden Harlow Carr

16th February 2014 in the inspiring alpine house at Harlow Carr in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I will feature other views of the plants there in later posts but for today feast your eyes on some delectable pots of snowdrops.
 Galanthus plicatus "Wendy's Gold" has fine yellow colouring but one may be distracted by the sprawling growth. I was however sufficiently encouraged to purchase a solitary bulb myself when I returned home.
Galanthus "Kildare" has just the most delicate green in its petals.
 "Brenda Troyle" is a formidable snowdrop, strongly growing with a distinctive scent of honey, though winter rarely allows me an opportunity to savour it.
Galanthus 'Atkinsii' looks good here but its true charm is displayed when seen towering over other snowdrops. I only planted mine last year and promptly lost the label. I guess I'll recognise it however.
"Galanthus nivalis Sandersii" and behind it "Annette". The former is one I have considered purchasing but it just hasn't happened yet. Good quality and less usual snowdrops do not come cheap.
"Cedric's Prolific" caught my attention straight away and I regret I do not have the variety. The flowers seemed so robust and I love the name.
Galanthus "Brenda Troyle" is one variety that does well in our garden. But please don't touch. 
Galanthus "Sam Arnott", a much loved favourite with its fragrance and good sized flowers. It does well in my garden too though I have accidentally combined it with "Brenda Troyle". The two are rather similar.

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