Sunday, 3 January 2016

Chiltern Seeds and their photographer, Sabina Rüber

One of the introductions in recent years to the annual and indispensable Chiltern Seeds catalogue has been a succession of the most exquisite close-ups of their plants that arrive via my email, positively coercing me to grow some flower I would never have dreamed of growing. Chiltern Seeds was set up in Buckinghamshire by Douglas and Bridget Bowden in 1975 and from 1980 based themselves in the Lake District, their growth as a company mirroring my time as a gardener. Their daughters, Heather and Sally, took over in 2012 and have moved the base of operations back to the Chilterns. Yesterday their new catalogue dropped through the letterbox, my winter reading. Paradise for pennies! For now, here are some random images from their inspiring photographer, Sabina Rüber, dropped electronically into my imagination.

Nigella hispanica, 'African Bride' Spanish Fennel Flower, Love-in-a-Mist

Eschscholzia californica, 'Thai Silk Pink Champagne' California Poppy

Cosmos bipinnatus, 'Daydream'

Omphalodes linifolia Argentine Forget-me-not, Venus's Navelwort

Helipterum roseum, 'Pierrot' Everlasting Pierrot, Strawflower

Cosmos bipinnatus, 'Fizzy' Series, 'Fizzy Pink'

Calendula officinalis, 'Kablouna Intense Yellow' Pot Marigold

Phlox drummondii, 'Crème Brûlée'

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