Daffodil Art

Are depictions of the bright yellow daffodil necessarily more brash than those of the subtle white snowdrop as featured yesterday? Utah-based Melody Greenlief commences this perusal of affordable art featuring daffodils in many guises with her Lanies Narcissus. Although bold, she captures the freshness of the narcissus and their delicacy.

Abstract Daffodils from a blog entry by Minneapolis painter Jill Van Sickle.

Gretchen Hancock from Nebraska has a number of daffodil paintings available for sale. I liked her White and Yellow Jonquils on Gray and her Single Daffodil Gold and Green. There is subtlety here all right.

To Minnesota now for an oil from Luiza Vizoli, whose heavily layered Daffodil Flowers is tactile even on a flat screen.

As with my compendium of snowdrop paintings, here is another Cicely Mary Barker work, this time a tapestry from The Tapestry House. Her 'Flower Fairies of the Garden' was published in the 1920s. At 24"x19" it could hang in a room near you.

Jean-Pier Marchais has a number of paintings for sale at allartclassic and I really like Daffodils.

I seem to have featured a lot of a) women and, b) Americans in my survey, so here is a man from Poole in Dorset. Sean Curley paints in oils and I love his big flowers in Daffodil 1. So c), I'd buy this lush piece.
But back to women and America for this pastel landscape, Daffodil Hill from Linda Beach who paints and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Texas offers Kay Smith and another Daffodil Hill. And incidental to my theme is a cow from her blog. (Milk Cow Blues)

Heirlooms II by Karen Mathison Schmidt from north Louisiana is already sold and I am not at all surprised. 

The classy Daffodils at Tea by Barbara Schilling is one of my favourites and she has a good blog

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