Snowdrop Art

A selection of available images of snowdrops available for sale, or at least they were when I last looked. Here's a few I liked. First is Shivering Snowdrops by Moira Ladd, the blue-grey shadow and looming flowers against a dark background adding a certain drama.

Lindsay J Berry's pastel drawing Among Snowdrops has a light quality about it despite the full flowers. Snowdrops look best when viewed from a prone position!

Helen Absalom works in Brynmawr, Wales, the two snowdrops being the entry for her blog on Wednesday, 23 January 2013. The dark green and orange innards have impact.

Shelley Davies' exquisite study is one of her Botanical Illustrations.

Snowdrops lend themselves well to greetings cards. Here is a neat example from Bubble Tree Design.

Cicely Mary Barker was one of the finest illustrators of fantasy in the first half of the 20th century, her fairies possessing a definite immortality in the art world. Here is one of the Snowdrop Fairies, some of her tiny cards still being available for sale on-line.

Sadly Anna Wilson-Patterson's stylish Snowdrops in Brown Mug was sold last year, as was, strangely enough, her Snowdrops In Spotty Mug. Don't despair though, Anna has sold a number of different mugs and of course their necessary snowdrop contents. I'm sure there is always a different mug should one require one.

A change of style with this offering from the Belarus artist Alla. I was looking for an oil and Snowdrops fits the bill though the heat of the studio seems to have opened out the petals. Alla's work reminds me of those Russian master animators whose work I used to write about for all those years. Were I in the market for an oil on canvas this is the one I would choose. And I note it is still for sale ....

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