Monday, 26 February 2018

Bumblebees, Winter Sun & Crocuses

I'm very fond of bumblebees. When I discover them exhausted and dying in the garden or trapped behind windows I give them a spoonful of sugared water and, sometimes if they're lucky, send them on their merry way. Big gentle creatures. This hairy beauty loved the crocuses in the front garden. I hope she can find her way back to her cosy nest and gets back to sleep. Dreadful weather is threatened for the week:
'Bitterly cold temperatures and deep snow are forecast across
 the UK this week as weather blows in from Russia.' BBC


  1. I love bumblebees too, they are beautiful, magical creatures. Bumblebees here are completely black and I see them every day hoovering above the flowers and drinking water from the pond. Unfortunately they are hard to get close enough to photograph, at least to me! Have a nice week!

  2. As I said in the post I hope it is cosy in its nest because it has been snowing today. I've seen black bumblebees before. Exotic for us here, normal in Argentina I see.