Monday, 12 February 2018

Hodsock Priory - snowdrop heaven

Hodsock reduced their number of weeks to only three this year, commencing on Saturday. A difficult decision I should imagine but reducing staff overheads is a consideration for any business. And on a bright day today with lots of visitors, perhaps it has been the correct decision. The woodlands looked particularly impressive. I normally meet George Buchanan, who manages the estate, though today he was not in evidence. Still, the plant stalls and refreshment tent were splendid as usual.

The view of the house is always impressive from this point, almost the perfect English country residence, don't you think

The thick snowdrops and early flowering narcissus, 'Cedric Morris' take the eye on the bank

Thick clumps of big snowdrops abound


The spur to many a purchase of Hamamelidaceae in variety, well priced at the stalls

Galanthus 'Lady Beatrix Stanley', I believe

Cyclamen Coum

And always a chance of unearthing something special

'Cedric Morris'. I acquired one last month. It's been a long wait for this early bloomer. They were just going over here 

But another early cultivar was just coming into bloom in a sunny spot

Carpets of white

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