White Hesperantha

One of the white varieties of Hesperantha adorn our garden at this time of year, braving all weathers. Imagine were this a snowdrop, blushing pink in bud and then bursting out into six petalled glory! There was a show of different named varieties at Harlow Carr last week and I should have taken more note of the names. Hesperantha are interesting plants, possibly too vigorous in places and I have a red variety that flowered throughout the winter once, albeit it was against a sheltered south facing wall in a way that belies their African origins. The secret to successful growing (I've always wanted to say that) is plenty of food and ruthless thinning as the grass like leaves can smother the flowers and anything else they get in competition with. Lovely though.

Galanthus elwesii 'Barnes'

Galanthus elwesii 'Barnes' is not the first variety of snowdrop to flower in my garden. In the early days of October I had some reginae-olgae flowering in a sunny patch, determined on working out from my notes what particular name was attached, went away for the week unexpectedly and returned to find them spent in the unseasonably hot sun (and reason for my absence!) So no photograph. 'Barnes' has been in flower for a week or so, perhaps longer seeing as it is one of a number of its kin now devoid of petals tucked away beneath a shrub. I ventured out into the mild but wet and windy garden and here is the result.

It's an attractive enough flower, its significance however being the somewhat premature appearance in the late autumn garden. The most developed description and history is available from a Swiss grower and seller new to me, 'Swiss Drops'.  Shorthand is that it originates from Northampton and dates from before 1973. Very nice and it kicks off my on-line record of the snowdrop season.

And remembering .....

Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'