Penstemons & Japanese Anemones in winter; first and last flowering bulbs - Ipheion and Tritonia

The last Japanese Anemone, the rest cut down for composting. I simply did not have the heart to give it the snip. The anemones have been special this year.

The Penstemon has a very very special place in our garden as it was the last plant my mother gave me. The plants keep on giving in this exceptionally mild autumn and early winter.

The first of several Ipheions we possess in shades of white, pink and blue. They are always a reliable source of early colour and, placed on a table on the rear patio, the spicy fragrance of their foliage is somewhat reminiscent of a mild Fritillaria imperialis. Whatever, there are lots of buds ready to burst out.

Undoubtedly a handsome fellow, this red Tritonia has caused me something of a problem in its sheer bountiful spread. Originally a small shoot popped into a sink garden with alpines and winter bulbs, it has simply exploded. Given our near record breaking warm autumn here in Britain it is something of a wrench to cut plants down in preparation for Spring. So this chap is one of a huge clump placed in a temporary pot until I decide what to do. Meanwhile I had to attend to the disturbed sink, plant labels and bulbs that have been cast asunder.

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