A world garden beyond the Arctic Circle - the Alpine Botanic Garden Tromsø, Norway

The world's northernmost botanic garden is situated in Tromsø, Norway. We visited there at the end of July 2011. It is impressive what can be achieved so far north, way over the Arctic Circle, a combination of Gulf Stream and good gardening.

The stunning Tibetan blue Poppy (Meconopsis “Lingholm”) was in full flower. I have tried and failed to grow the plant from seed. I'm told it should be fresh and not from packets. So I will try again next year. 
You'll see our cruise ship "Arcadia" in several of the shots. There was a photographic competition featuring the boat. Unsurprisingly, not only did I not win, I never even entered.
There is no fee charged for access to the garden and it was a mere stone's throw from where our ship was berthed. Funny really as it was on the list of paid for excursions from what I remember.
I think the tall red plants are Meconopsis punicea. I should have photographed the labels.
 The garden shares the same latitude as the northernmost point in Alaska

Pretty little things, poppies are such a varied family.
Dianthus offer beauty and scent in abundance, particularly on a hot day. We have lots of varieties though not this finely dissected specimen. And it was so cold I am unable to recollect a scent.
The plants are labelled in both Norwegian and English.

This Jasione quite took my eye and I was intent on purchasing it when I returned home. Of course, as with most passions, it waned and I quite forgot until now.
Run by the University of Tromsø, there is an educational role for the gardens, the display boards referring to geological as well as botanical features.   

As we found to our cost, anything to eat or drink helps to support the enviable lifestyle of the Norwegians.
At this time of the year the sun does not properly set so the plants get absolutely maximum light allowing for larger flowers, with the cool temperatures giving a fresh look to all the plants.

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