The Gardens of Villa Taranto, 18th August 2009

Snow still covers our garden so I shall defer my exploration of current winter blooms and return to the shores of Lake Maggiore. The gardens of Villa Taranto commenced in 1931 when a Scottish sea captain, Neil McEacharn, purchased the villa and set about a transformation of an already gloriously located lakeside terrain into one of the world's finest gardens.

Upon entering the gardens one sees the Putti Fountain catches the eye but as shown below, the giant leaves of the Colocasia antiquorum lend the scene an architectural glory.

The stunning flat pads of the giant lily, Victoria cruziana, grace the glasshouse. The seeds arrived from, of all places, Stckholm, in 1956. From South America via Scandinavia.

From memory this is a view from the mausoleum, a photograph of which I could have sworn I had taken. For now, dear bowser, please wait for a post about the very wet visit we made in 2014. It is plain to see the gardeners have replicated my lawn mowing skills.

Were I to win a lottery I rarely participate in I might purchase this little corner of paradise. The former home of Captain McEacharn the house is somewhat incongruous being in the style of Normandy and is some sort of local government residence now.

The terraced gardens take the breath away they are so breath-taking. (To repeat myself.)

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