Crocus Art

As with snowdrops and daffodils, here is a quick perusal of art concentrating on that vibrant flower of spring, the crocus. Most of the works are still for sale, though not all. Artists always give their own impression and it has been interesting just how the flower has been depicted. Interesting too to look at the widely different prices. And my choice were I to embellish my study wall with one? Easy. Stanley Spencer. (The reason why his wonderful "Madonna Lilies" is included at the end.)

Tracey Allyn Greene - "Crocus, an Oriental Symphony"
Luiza Vizoli - "Crocus Flower - Spring Floral"
Tracey Allyn Greene - "Crocus"
Jacqueline Gnott - "Crocus Family"
Janet Zeh - "Bewick's Wren & Crocus"
Gail Niebrugg - "First Color" 

Theresa Shaw - "Crocus"
Micheline Ryckman "Crocus Purple"
Alethea McKee - "Spring Crocus"
Joann Perry - "Blue Crocus in the Snow"
Brigid Birney - "The Crocus Garden"
Vickie Warner - "Midnight Crocus"
Joyce Luiderween - "Purple Crocuses"
Ronald Egan - "Crocus"
Ben Young - "Blue Crocuses"
Stanley Spencer - "Crocuses" (1938)
Nora MacPhail - "Let the Gardens Begin"
Stanley Spencer - "Madonna Lillies" (1935)

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