Japanese Anemone Art

At this time of year the Japanese Anemone is a special plant, my own leaning being towards the white varieties. Here the Nottinghamshire artist, author and blogger, Ann Mortimer, captures the lush simplicity of the bloom completed in less than an hour!

Of course, the pink varieties make a good source for the artist as this watercolour from David Harmer demonstrates. David has his gallery in St John's Village near Woking,

£250 will secure this delicate arrangement by well known Berkshire artist and author, Judith Milne.

You won't be able to purchase the original but Van Gogh painted his bold still life, "Japanese Vase with Roses and Anemones" in 1890. It is possible to purchase the print however.

Working in southern Ontario, Marike used a palette knife to create this "mess".

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