Winter colour in the rain: Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn' & Hamamelis Intermedia 'Diane'

My front garden's most spectacular colour in a grey, wet winter so far is provided by Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn', purchased eons ago from Hodsock and now masking the brown foliage of next door's leylandii hedge. That mess is masked completely in the warmer seasons by green leaves and blossom and, thank goodness, presently by the bright blossom of this fragrant winter shrub. I normally photograph birds on the bird table. Today I captured the pink backdrop.

And on the subject of winter blossom, I confess I have been previously underwhelmed by my expensive witch hazel, Hamamelis Intermedia 'Diane' . All change as the red blossom penetrates the gloom. Even my next door neighbour's attention! She told me this morning it was a pleasure to open her bedroom curtains and see the red and pink flowers in our garden. If she got up close she would of course see the real beauty and even detect the subtle scent that is a boon on wet winter days. Did I mention the rain? Dawn and Diane. Enticing beauties.


  1. Beautiful photos, your winter garden looks absolutely lush with these flowers.

  2. Thanks. It looks ravishing when I focus on the plants but before the bulbs appear elsewhere it is a little dark. There is are some hellebores and daphnes just showing to provide much needed winter cheer.


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