Galanthus nivalis 'Ecusson d'Or'- Perfection in Yellow

Three years ago a snowdrop enthusiast recommended a small number of bulbs that were exemplary of their type. Looking back at the list I realise how well he knew his stuff. The priciest yellow was Galanthus nivalis 'Ecusson d'Or' and it is genuinely exquisite, a strikingly beautiful flower. The ovary, inner and outer petals all have a strong yellow and their markings are as fine as if an artist had painted them. There are yellow varieties around that command huge sums and do not dwarf this pioneer. Translated as Shield of Gold after the French hamlet where it was discovered in 2004, 'Ecusson d'Or has only now come into flower. Three years of perseverance has paid off. The clump has thickened out well and at last sent out a solitary flowering stem. I expect the bloom to open out more this year and more blooms next year. For now I am chuffed to bits. Perfection in yellow.


  1. Such a beauty and exquisitely photographed as well. Have a good week :)

  2. From you, Annette, I take it as an honour to be commended for my photography.


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