Old photograph and reminder

Our front garden: August 2005.

I cut the grass today and felt the blast of winter. Who knows, maybe the last cut of the year. Some of the plants had to come out. The bulbs have to be given a chance. However I note that many of the shrubs have grown too large and drastic surgery is called for. The above photograph, "discovered" when I commenced uploading all my many, many snaps to Google Photos, spurs me on. It also reminded me that it's time to recommence the blog and record my winter garden as the year progresses.


  1. It's lovely, and now I'm looking forward to seeing your winter blooms :) What will you do with the shrubs? After a mere three years my garden already has its share of "too large", much of it due to my lack of experience with the plants. Also due to misleading labels, which don't expect our mild winters. Now I have to decide how best to deal with the sizes they've reached...

  2. The conifers are way too big. I love the Juniper ("Skyrocket") and it is much taller now. The trouble is that where the other conifer covers it there is a brown patch that I would have to mask. So decisions and hard work should I decide to remove both. The other shrubs just require a very hard pruning. The island bed is altogether a full continent now. Plants grow, don't they, and I usually plant too close together.


And remembering .....

Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'