Strange bedfellows: Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla', Rosa 'Regensberg' & Harvington Single Yellow

I decided to trace the flowering of our snowdrops today seeing as there is now life sprouting from the dark earth. But I was distracted by the remnants of summer and, indeed, spring with Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla' that has flowered in profusion since April spreading its vanilla fragrance across the patio. It requires little pruning, copious feed and a warm sunny position and I'm determined to keep it through the winter. It is a fresh white flower against the fresh green of the leaves. Very attractive.

Isolated roses still bloom of course though the elements savage their beauty. Rosa 'Regensberg' looks pretty good however. There's something about the smudged pink and white margins that attracts me. It looked a picture in full bloom and health during the summer months. It still struggles on. No scent sadly.

And the single yellow Harvington Hellebore I suppose represents winter in this assorted trio. The slugs seem to find the flowers flavoursome.


  1. The wild snowdrops have started blooming! I noticed the first flower out today. I planted all the specials in the ground this year, nestled into pockets within the tree roots and am waiting somewhat anxiously..
    Merry Christmas Ian.

    1. We saw winter aconites at Nostell Priory in Yorkshire today. The seasons are what gardening is all about. Bit cold though. Have a good Christmas.

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