Galanthus 'Green Tear'

Galanthus 'Green Tear' became something of a sensation in recent years for its high price, a theme that has overshadowed a wonderful addition to the snowdrop world. It has perfectly greened outer petals and stunning dark green inner segments. In terms of price it was however "bettered"  by the yellow 'Elizabeth Harrison' (and there are some prohibitively expensive varieties starting the rounds as I write.) I featured the Scottish beauty two years ago and it is a nice snowdrop though not quite so startling in the company of other yellow snowdrops in the garden. By contrast, 'Green Tear' stands out in comparison with any of the similar green tinged varieties, for example with 'Rosemary Burnham'. Were I to have to choose one of the two, I'd not shed a tear. Perhaps surprisingly it has been around for 18 years, discovered by Gert-Jan Van der Kolk near Zutphen in The Netherlands. Here it is in a little sunshine, braving the wind and cold this morning. It's a genuine eye-catcher.


  1. That's certainly the greenest snowdrop I've even seen (but then I've only ever seen any of them in blog posts).

  2. Not too many snowdrops in your neck of the woods, Kris.

  3. I do like green flowers! Beautiful photo.

    1. I was more pleased than with my hepatica today. I couldn't get the right shot.


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