White Japanese Anemone

 Time to see if I remember how to post after all this time. But the snowdrops have been repotted where appropriate and slow release fertilizer added. Sad to see the occasional bit of mush despite precautions. But in the main the bulbs look healthy and some have had babies. I've added some new varieties to our garden for the season including some very early flowering varieties of both narcissus and snowdrops. I have also tidied up the side garden with a number of shelving units though I had a mishap when one collapsed in a storm, smashed up the clay pots and mixed the bulbs up. So I have a bit of identification to do in Spring and I'm moving over to plastic pots, quite the reverse of the general situation in our household as we move away from plastic.  In the meantime, I prefer the white to the pink Japanese anemones. No idea what variety this is as I have a few.


  1. Sorry to hear about the wind collapsing your shelving unit & breaking your pots! It's good to see a post from you again and I hope all is well!

  2. I'm fine. I always intended my blog to record my then fairly new interest of collecting snowdrops. I'm just about to journey to the warm Mediterranean for a fortnight and then intend to post about whatever takes my fancy, from the past few months, until the bulbs kick in. And thanks for the reply. Nice to see someone is out there who has not forgotten my little blog.


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