Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Galanthus plicatus "Three Ships"

On a bright and mild Christmas Eve it is lovely to see the ships come sailing into harbour.

Galanthus "Three Ships" 

Galanthus 'Three Ships' is a most reliable bulb. Christmas arrives and it's nice to have those little rituals: panicking over last minute shopping, gifts, tidiness, visitors, waistline. Then the eyes sweep the garden noting the lawn edges ruined by encroaching summer plants, the mud, the  dead twigs. We note the shoots promising so much but not at the moment...... to alight on flowers at their very height. In tune with the season. 'Three Ships'  is a must have for every garden. It was discovered in Suffolk's Henham Park way back in 1984 by John Morley, he of North Green Snowdrops fame, who brought us 'Comet', 'Trump', 'Remember Remember' and 'Mother Goose' - a snowdrop that is encouragingly clumping out in the garden for February flowering.

I have many new varieties this season. However the older ones are hard to beat. Happy Christmas.


And remembering .....

Sicily's Mimosa Trees, 31st March 2016