Northern Spain and Wild Flowers, 6th June 2019

Our early summer trip to Northern Spain was enjoyable. A long way from the beaches or the sophisticated cities, the cable car from the foot of Fuente De to the top of the Picos Massif was spectacular, if icy cold at the summit. But it was the wildly beautiful wild flowers that so impressed. When we returned from the top one of the 'gardeners' had scythed through flowers just like these by the cable platform. We were lucky to get down. The wind had struck up and the cable cars were terminated as high winds settled for the week. You can hear the wind in this short clip.


  1. Sadly always the garden service mowing down wildflowers. On a recent hike the team were working on the firebreak - mowing down that sort of soft low growth -which isn't a fire hazard!

  2. Sometimes we don't recognise the beauty on our doorstep. I doubt the wild flowers would have presented any risk unless bone dried in a kiln.


And remembering .....

Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'