Harlow Carr's Rudbeckia Trial

 My wife's favourite flower is the Rudbeckia. Well, certainly for autumn though I'll punt for the dahlia. It cannot be denied that the burst of beaming yellow dominates  the border in September and October. They look sensational. The photographs were taken on 31st August at RHS Harlow Carr from their trial of varieties grown from seed. They intend to leave them to see how many of the annuals survive the winter. Sadly I note that Thompson and Morgan have sold out of their mixed seed. Chiltern Seeds have their own mix however.


  1. They do pack a punch!
    I have to admit to having a soft spot for these, even if they do tend to bloom themselves to death rather than perennialize. Before I began regular mulching they would self sow in sheets of color which was a lot of gold, but sure made July and August fun.
    The double ones are a mess, but of course I like them as well.

    1. I have little luck with self-seeding though I know friends who have. Packets of seed are inexpensive. However Goldsturm does well for me year after year.


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