Family visit

 Apart from the obvious blessings of grandchildren and son-in-law hiding behind the hedge I'm posting this to remind me of how our garden looked in early July. So, the rowan tree got a fatal fungus, the Juniper 'Skyrocket' simply rocketed too far and the other conifer whose name escapes me got too dense. The roses to the left were transplanted where possible,  though not the red one sadly. However Rosa 'Cliff Richard', a glorious pink rose, remains in situation. Looking at our now expansive front lawn I'm loathe to post a photograph as it all looks so bare, requiring spring warmth to blend turf and existing turf together. Our glorious family are blooming of course.


  1. You've got your hands full when they visit! Lucky you.

    1. Hands full, all right, though with Covid it is all a little distant. A different Christmas ahead. Hope you are coping with the rigours of the pandemic.


And remembering .....

Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'