Welcome to 2021. A better year and new website.

I am migrating the site to Wordpress over the next week or so though I shall shadow post for a time. It offers a little more flexibility for me than Blogger and, given the cold weather and Covid lockdown, I have the opportunity to experiment. In the meantime I have already posted one photograph from our granddaughter, Daisy. ‘My Galanthus Garden’ is a gardening blog but given an absence of colour in the garden and a little time before I can post anything worthwhile from our little plot I hope this offering is of interest. Daisy is 12 and seemingly always experimenting in her art. I thought this particularly nice. She has her own Instagram account and her range, development and talent is clear.


  1. Daisy is a talented artist. I used Blogger some years back but find Wordpress far better so I hope it works well for you

  2. A few teething problems but it gives a polished look for free. Good challenge and easy exporting to new site.


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