Hodsock Priory February 19 2001

 The blog is as much for personal record as public consumption so here are some historical memories of one of our annual trips to Hodsock Priory. This time we were accompanied by my parents-in-law.

Mum and Jan explore the cascading silver catkins of Garrya elliptica
Facilities for refreshments change over the years and go full circle. This was before the showy extension hall used for a couple of years which in its turn has reverted to a rather grand marquee. Interesting how times change. Where the tent stands here (and one may just see the old swimming pool) is the extension today.

My passion for pots began here. In the pot at the back is a pale blue hepatica. I purchased one from the plant stall that day. Hepaticas are among my favourite plants.

We all marvelled at the size of the snowdrops. Passions commence with such moments.

A calming part of the garden. The aconites are these days augmented by many other spring plants but variety does not always beat single focus plantings.

This is a treasured family photograph.

Happy days.

My wife used to photograph the teddy bear wherever we or her school children went. Kids used to love borrowing the teddy,  taking in their travel photographs to show teacher. He was a much travelled fellow. Mighty fine snowdrops too.

Hellebores vary in quality. This is a beauty.

 Iris histrioides "George". And my father-in-law's name was  ..... you've guessed it. We have the variety in some abundance. George was a fantastic gardener, his gardens always neat and tidy, putting my more "natural" creations to shame. His visits inspired many a spruce up!

Galanthus "Magnet" and an object of desire. Still one of the finest varieties around and, happily, in some numbers now in my own garden.

A fine sight to warm a winter's day. White galanthus, purple and pink cyclamen coum.

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Galanthus 'Mighty Atom'